St. John Monumental Complex

St. John Monumental Complex

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St. John’s Convent (Monastero di San Giovanni) is situated on the main street of Cava de’ Tirreni and dates back to the 14th century. Due to a major earthquake in 1980 in Italy, the building has been closed for several years and was later restored with the support of European funds, becoming a point of interest in town.

What to visit

The whole area is divided into 5 smaller independent sections, which comprise a restaurant, a pizzeria, a lounge bar, a hotel, and a rooftop bar, all sharing a central section titled “The Garden of the Poor Clares”, dedicated to the memory of the nuns and characterized by a green area in line with the monastic rule.

Today, the building is a venue for artistic and cultural events as well as a meeting place for night-life, becoming a place where architecture and nature come together to create a unique place.

Near you

From St. John’s Monumental Complex you can stroll through the Borgo with its Portici and easily reach other places of interest such as the Convent of Saint Francis and Anthony and the Duomo.